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What clients are saying about Justin's Coaching!

"Want to feel great and get on the path to good health? Work with Justin Blyden. Justin provides an exceptionally professional level of health coaching. I was a 12 year practicing vegetarian and yogi and had slipped into some bad habits as far as food choices and complacent exercise routine. Justin got me motivated and right on track starting day one with our first meeting. I was able to lose 6 pounds in the first couple of weeks which was wonderful reinforcement to keep with the new routines--food choices and exercise. After just 8 weeks I am down 10 pounds and 10 inches! My energy levels and sleep quality are also much improved. I look forward to continuing with my empowered health journey!"
Catherine M.
South Carolina
"MODE has changed my lifestyle: [Intermittent] fastening was never done before, also eliminating white rice and replacing it by cauliflower rice, pizza; and green juice had been a great healthy experience. I look younger, receiving constant compliments that I look younger; wearing those clothes I never fit in them; and more important clear mind and lot of energy is being really a blessing. Thank you Justin
Jaqueline A.
Miami, FL
"After years of yo-yo'ing back and forth, I realized my old excuses were no longer working and I was aiming for goals unattainable, then finding myself frustrated that I couldn't reach them. With MODE, and Justin's coaching, I feel that I'm finally able to take back control of my health, heal my gut and ensure my food is something that fuels me with nutrition!"
Karen R.
Atlanta, GA
"I’ve begun implementing some of the habits mentioned in the book, and I definitely feel more energetic and clear-headed. It’s an added plus that my health issues have begun to subside, which has really aided in my half-marathon training (I’m also not a runner, so there you go…all the life changes). Feeling alive should not be optional; we need to live into this right. And thanks to MODE: A Keto Lifestyle Guide and Justin’s amazing guidance, I’ve begun to thrive and not just survive."
Velma M.
Houston, TX

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