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heal your gut!

Health rut? Heal your GUT! Cabbage, cabbage juice, sauerkraut, gimchi(kimchi), or pot liquor as my grandma calls it, will do just that! Fermented foods have HIGH amounts of vitamin C which destroys bad bacteria. Plus, they are teaming with massive amounts of LIVE good bacteria. This bacteria helps you with everything from your mood, immunity to “moving” on the regular.
There are many ways to DIY ferment veggies.
*Add a little filtered water if too dry*
🌱🌿Also VERY good for the gut Aloe Vera and Slippery Elm🌿🌱

DGVs!(Dark Green Veggies)

POWER TO THE PULP! You might be missing out on some seriously nutritious green stuff. The pulpier your DGV blend the better! Enjoy this Kale-Ginger Dark Green Veggie blend! DGVs Everyday? Yes EVERYDAY! Dark green cruciferous veggies, intermittent fasting, and a keto lifestyle are the fountains of youth! 

keto bombs!

Peppermint Keto Bombs! More like Keto Bark than Keto Bombs😅Got in the mood to experiment and came up with this super easy recipe. Keto bombs are a great way to get extra healthy fats in your diet during your IF (intermittent fasting) eating window. They’re especially good if you know you get ‘snacky’. Have a couple pieces after a meal and watch how big a difference these simple keto snacks make. Enjoy! 

keto coffee

Here’s my go-to Non-Dairy Keto Coffee recipe for you to try this week. Enjoy!