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“Justin brings new energy to health and wellness as an event speaker. His passion is contagious as he explains how healing is all done with food and healing starts when you’re ready to change your mode of living! Gain advanced knowledge, then it’s up to you to make the choices that bring a balanced, healthy life.”

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Meet the Speaker, Justin!

Don’t let the stiff suit fool you… I like to keep my health talks fun, incredibly dynamic, and interactive. My focus is on healthy living and eating in order to heal vs. eating and living thoughtlessly. 

A Hopeful Experience!

Turning around the junk food binge-mobile, keeping the keto gravy train on track, or hopping off the dieting merry-go-round can feel hopeless. Does this ring true for you? I always leave you with a sense of hope and will always include practical tips and simple steps that you can apply to your everyday healthy lifestyle starting today!

Breakouts and Workshops

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“Feel Healthy Again Following A Keto and
Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle!”
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