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"Feel Healthy Again Following A Keto and Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle!" -Justin Blyden, Health Coach

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What clients are saying about Justin's Coaching!

"Want to feel great and get on the path to good health? Work with Justin Blyden. Justin provides an exceptionally professional level of health coaching. I was a 12 year practicing vegetarian and yogi and had slipped into some bad habits as far as food choices and complacent exercise routine. Justin got me motivated and right on track starting day one with our first meeting. I was able to lose 6 pounds in the first couple of weeks which was wonderful reinforcement to keep with the new routines--food choices and exercise. After just 8 weeks I am down 10 pounds and 10 inches! My energy levels and sleep quality are also much improved. I look forward to continuing with my empowered health journey!"
Catherine M.
South Carolina
"MODE has changed my lifestyle: [Intermittent] fastening was never done before, also eliminating white rice and replacing it by cauliflower rice, pizza; and green juice had been a great healthy experience. I look younger, receiving constant compliments that I look younger; wearing those clothes I never fit in them; and more important clear mind and lot of energy is being really a blessing. Thank you Justin
Jaqueline A.
Miami, FL
"After years of yo-yo'ing back and forth, I realized my old excuses were no longer working and I was aiming for goals unattainable, then finding myself frustrated that I couldn't reach them. With MODE, and Justin's coaching, I feel that I'm finally able to take back control of my health, heal my gut and ensure my food is something that fuels me with nutrition!"
Karen R.
Atlanta, GA
"I’ve begun implementing some of the habits mentioned in the book, and I definitely feel more energetic and clear-headed. It’s an added plus that my health issues have begun to subside, which has really aided in my half-marathon training (I’m also not a runner, so there you go…all the life changes). Feeling alive should not be optional; we need to live into this right. And thanks to MODE: A Keto Lifestyle Guide and Justin’s amazing guidance, I’ve begun to thrive and not just survive."
Velma M.
Houston, TX

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20 Minute Zoom Call

Need quick keto advice? Have a general problem or maybe a simple question? I’m here to help! 

Keto Convo


45 Minute Zoom Call

Ready to dig into what a healthy lifestyle can mean for you? You’ve been hearing from everyone about this magical ‘KETO DIET’ and you’re wondering if it’s right for you. Great news: Veggie Keto is right for you!

Deep Dive


90 Minute Zoom Call

This is a deep dive. I want to focus on giving you as much information about the problem and well as the solution. If you have a specific health problem or maybe you need clarification on a very specific question, this is for you. I’m here to help! Hope is just one consultation away. Let’s find answers!


About Your Keto/IF Health Coach

Hello! I'm Justin. I am a certified Keto and Intermittent Fasting Health Coach and I'm on a mission to positively introduce a healthy lifestyle through simple, relatable ideas, good choices and alternative food possibilities. Find out how I got started on my own journey.

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MODE: Your Keto Lifestyle Begins: Intermittent Fasting, Intuitive Eating, Conscious Living, and Radical Well-being. MODE is about changing the way people approach food and fitness by breaking down a healthy lifestyle into simple, relatable ideas.


Five Star
book Testimonials

You will have all the information to choose an improved lifestyle and better quality of life.

-Amazon Customer

Yes, Yes, Yes.... I Love this ebook!!! I highly recommend this! I’m sharing it to all my family and friends! I am so glad that I purchased it! Very benefiting and helpful information; I need this book in my life! Reading “MODE” has strengthened me mentally and physically, I’m more focus and more determined than I was before. “MODE” has given me a different perspective of becoming a new me and you know what it feels darn-on-GREAT!

-Tonya C.

Concise, Complete, Motivating Guide...You will have all the information to choose an improved lifestyle and better quality of life.

-Amazon Customer

This is a quick but thorough read that will encourage you to kick your own butt into gear! I recommend this for nutrition newbies and experts alike.

-Amazon Customer

What is
the MODE challenge?

The Mode Challenge is a paradigm shift. It's not just another health fad! It's a philosophy about food and wellness. A "food-losophy". It’s a mindset that uncovers the reality of the choices we make everyday. The ideas presented in my book and my coachings aren't new but the excitement about the keto diet is! In my book I talk about three tools you can use to establish a healthy lifestyle: Vegetarianism, Healthy Keto, and Intermittent Fasting. Living consciously changes behaviors and habits by simply paying close attention to the food choices you make. It’s not about counting calories or being ultra strict. The Mode Challenge presents facts and invites you to dig deeper. By following my veggie/keto/if coaching tips I can help you feel yourself again! Get healthier, lose weight, increase your energy, reduce pain and inflammation, and even arrest the aging process. It’s all done with food and it all starts when you’re ready to change your mode! Once you gain the knowledge, it’s up to you to make the choices that bring a balanced, healthy life. Ultimately, it's up to you to change your mode of living.

F A Q s

Is it possible to do Veggie/Keto? Won't I be hungry all the time?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible and No way, you won’t be hungry. Veggie Keto focuses on high nutrition. That means getting in the maximum amount of DGVs for all your vitamins and minerals, seeking out all vegetable based sources of protein, and keeping those healthy saturated fats a top priority.

What if I get bored with a veggie/keto/if diet?

There are tons of resources out there, but on top of that, I will make a meal plan that’s just right for you. If you don’t like your meal plan we can always change it from week to week. You never have to feel stuck! It’s not about being strict its about gaining momentum and being consistent.

What Veggie/Keto/IF plan do you recommend?

The 6 week plan! Clients see the most progress and it doesn’t seem like a gigantic commitment or, if you’re skeptical, a waste of time. This plan works and it is the best bang for your buck. It’s so effective you’ll wish we had more time together!

3 Powerful Tools

Veggie - Keto - Intermittent Fasting


“Intermittent fasting is simple. It’s waiting as long as possible to eat when you wake up. BREAK-fast. You’ve already been fasting while you were sleeping. You’re just pushing breakfast out until lunch time. This can be done by sheer will-power or by taking healthy fats like coconut oil to help you feel satisfied until meal #1. ‘Spacers’ like Keto Coffee help you make it though the first part of your day with ease.” –MODE


“When your body no longer runs on sugars and starts to run on all that available, stored energy you have entered Ketosis. To simplify, when your body runs on stored energy it’s running CLEAN. Sugar is fuel to your ‘body vehicle’ and stored fat is hydro-electric.” –MODE


“Going veggie is not an easy change for the average foodie but the benefits far outweigh the ‘Food Fomo’ . Vegetarians get their nutrients from mostly plants but they can also get some of their much needed vitamins from animal products like eggs which are an enormous source of Vitamin A, iron, and healthy fats. ” – MODE 

MODE Challenge testimonials

Hear about MODE Challenge from the people who dared to change the way they saw food, exercise, and habits.

Watch my video!
Watch my video!
Watch my video!
Watch my video!

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Try the Healthy Keto/Intermittent Fasting Lifestlye for yourself! The more time you invest in your health, the more success you’ll see. Period. No quick fixes here. Only a focused and proven plan of attack to achieve the healthiest you!    

Economy Package


Full Payment 

The Slim Down

6-week challenge

  • Veggie/Keto/IF Coaching
  • Basic Keto Meal Plan
  • Coaching Progress App​
  • Text Support via App
  • Food Discovery and Elimination
  • Access to Keto Recipes
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Basic Cellular Detox


Pay in Full and Save! 



The Big fix


  • Veggie/Keto/IF Coaching
  • Focused Keto Meal Plan
  • Coaching Progress App​
  • 24-Hour Text Support
  • 24-Hour Phone Support
  • eMeals App 1-Year Subscription
  • Food Discovery and Elimination
  • Health Food Safari!(2)
  • Advanced Cellular Detox
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Free MODE eBook

Deluxe Package


The veggie Keto Experience

6-month program

  • Veggie/Keto/IF Coaching
  • Focused Keto Meal Plan
  • Keto Meal Prep & Delivery Service App
  • Coaching Progress App​
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Health Food Safari!(6)
  • DGV Delivery! (weekly)
  • Advanced Cellular Detox
  • Food Discovery and Elimination
  • Free MODE T-Shirt!
  • Free MODE eBook
  • Free MODE Paperback Book
  • 24-Hour Text Support
  • 24-Hour Phone Support

Premium Package


The veggie Keto Life Plan

Full Year program

  • Veggie/Keto/IF Coaching
  • Peace Mode Epic Retreat!
  • Focused Keto Meal Plan
  • Keto Meal Prep & Delivery Service App
  • Coaching Progress App​
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Health Food Safari!(+)
  • DGV Delivery (weekly)
  • Advanced Cellular Detox
  • Food Discovery and Elimination
  • Free MODE T-Shirt!
  • Free MODE eBook
  • Free MODE Paperback Book
  • 24-Hour Phone Support
  • 24-Hour Text Support


Full Steam Ahead

continued basic Monthly coaching plan

  • Veggie/Keto/IF Coaching
  • Basic Keto Meal Plan Maintenance
  • Bi-weekly Check-ins
  • Monthly Cellular Detox
  • Food Discovery and Elimination


ultimate healthy lifestyle

continued advanced monthly coaching plan

  • Veggie/Keto/IF Coaching
  • Health Food Safari!
  • Focused Keto Meal Plans
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Monthly Cellular Detox
  • Food Re-Discovery and Elimination
  • 24-Hour Text Support via APP


here's what your new
lifestyle will look like!

Choose an option when you're ready. Your perfect solution awaits!


Your own personal health coach on-demand! Face-to-face in person or live on your laptop or smart device. I make it easy for you to reach out, meet up, or check-in every week!

Keto Meal Plan

You may be surprised what foods you don't have to give up and even more surprised about the food you won't miss! We will work closely together to build an easy-to-follow eating plan that is just right for you. Winning at weight loss and wellness is all about sticking to the plan.

Progress App

Keeping track of your progress and goals has never been easier or more accessible. There's an app for that! With my coaching program you'll be able to be in constant contact with your coach via an app called Nudge! Share your measurements, get meal plan screen shots, send food pics, and even have your coach set up check-in reminders!

Food Discovery and

Ever get the feeling it was something you ate? You're probably right! There is so much garbage added to our food that if we don't pay attention we might even be poisoning ourselves. We'll comb through the types of food you're used to eating and discover then eliminate what might be causing inflammation, discomfort, energy drain and much more.

Access to

You'll have access to many, MANY keto-friendly, low-carb, high-fat, veggie, vegan and paleo, recipes! I've scoured the internet for the best of the best so you don't have to!

Weekly Check-ins

I've got your back 110% of the way! Every week we'll have an opportunity to talk about your progress, re-fit your eating plan, talk about the weather, or whatever might be on your mind. I'm here for you so we've got 30 minutes to talk through the journey together. Just pick a time that's right for you.

Cellular Detox

This is the most important part of the entire Change Your Mode program. DGVs (dark green veggie smoothies) are the foundation of changing your lifestyle. When you begin to clean your body on a cellular level, you'll see your body change in a whole new way. Total, natural healing is possible! From the macro to micro.

24- Hour Text Support

That's right- If you've got a question I've got an answer. And if I don't know the answer I know just where to look. Communication is a gigantic help when it comes to accountability. Some times all you need is word of encouragement or maybe you'll want to share a success. I'm here for you! We'll be able to text via the coaching progress app.

eMeals App

When you sign up for a 90-day coaching plan or longer, you'll be sign up for a year-long subscription to eMeals! This app provides weekly keto recipes and also sets you up with shopping lists. Want more? There's even options to have groceries delivered right to your door! Easy shopping doesn't get better than that!

Healthfood Safari!

The most fun you'll ever have in a grocery story! When you sign up for a 90-day coaching plan or longer, I'll take you shopping at your local health food store, grocery store, farmers market or where ever greens may be sold! If I'm not local to you I will join you virtually via ZOOM, Facetime, or whatsApp. This is the best way to learn hands-on about the food that your body is literally dying for.

DGV Delivery

Too busy to blend? No worries! When you sign up for a 90-day coaching plan or longer, you will get a weeks supply of guaranteed fresh, dark green vegetable smoothies delivered right to your door! Once you start to have your 7-10 cups of dark green smoothie every day, you'll wonder how you ever did without it in the first place!

Keto Meal Prep and Delivery Service App

Just can't find the time to cook? This is the easiest solution of them all! When you sign up for the 6-month or one year coaching plan, I'll set you up to receive healthy, prepped keto meals. That's right. Keto meals on-demand! All you have to do is tell me your preferences, shoot me your address and boom- keto at your door!

Peace Mode
Epic Retreat

When you sign up for my premium package, one year coaching plan, you are in for one EPIC experience that will kick off your whole new lifestyle and change your life!

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The Mode Challenge Illuminates True, Total Wellness By:

  • An introduction to what it's like to begin your Ketogenic journey
  • Highlighting how to intermittent fast and its stunning benefits
  • Teaching tips and tricks to manage a hectic lifestyle
  • Exploring your magnificent body from the macro to the micro
  • Giving you interesting insight into conscious living
  • Revealing many more exciting nutrition discoveries!